Concrete Curbing Contractor in Simi Valley CA


Adding exceptional touches to transform the landscape of your home can be simply done by curbing and borders. Your home’s look can be made or broken by these kinds of finishing applications. 

Why Is There A Need For Concrete Landscape Curbing?

Property owners mainly install concrete landscape curbing to do away with the need to constantly replace broken or rusted landscape edging. For a long term solution, concrete landscape curbing is the ideal fix to this issue.

Landscape Borders Installation

  • First, the completion of sod cutting and ground preparation has to be done. This ensures the landscape is set for curb installation. 

  • Second, a self-contained trailer is used to mix concrete. The precise measurement of color is added for the job. A dry mix will be produced that looks like wet sand. 

  • Wheeling of the concrete to the site happens after it is mixed. It’s then fed into the equipment and ejected as an elegant continuous border for your landscaped space. 

Will The Replacement Of The Existing Edging With Concrete Curbing Affect My Landscaping?

The removal of the existing edging will be done by the installer. A 9-inch wide strip of sod will be removed from your existing landscaping’s outside edge. An allowance will be created for the extrusion of the curb against your existing edge.


Will Mowing Up Against My Curbing Still Be Possible?

Your curbing won’t be ruined by your mower’s blades. It’ll allow you to mow up against it. This implies that little time will be used up weed eating.

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