Concrete Driveway Contractor in Simi Valley CA

Whenever you are ready to receive the highest quality service from a concrete driveway specialist in Simi Valley, you should contact Simi Valley Concrete Services. Never settle for anything less than the absolute best work from a concrete service business for this or any other type of project. 

Your home in Simi Valley needs to have a concrete driveway that is both functional and beautiful. As a leading concrete contractor, not only will we meet your expectations, but we will exceed them and provide you with the optimal results you are looking for. 

Enjoy Your Concrete Driveway's Benefits

There are many good reasons to choose a concrete driveway for your home in Simi Valley.


  • Concrete is the most durable surface for driveways that you can find. High-quality installation and regular maintenance will ensure that your driveway gets the best longevity and performance. These driveways can last for 50 years or even longer. 
  • It is also the perfect material to utilize on large surface areas, although going big is not necessary. 
  • When it comes to pricing, it a solid mid-grade option. Although it is more expensive than asphalt or gravel, it is more affordable than cobblestone or brick. 
  • Adding rebar or steel metal reinforcement wire can make concrete even stronger. 
  • Since concrete is poured, it allows it to be much more versatile when it comes to shaping it. Concrete is a great choice if you would like to have a curved driveway. 
  • Although there are some homeowners that do not keep up with maintenance, if you put some effort and money into maintaining your driveway, you will obtain optimal results. Fortunately, only minimal maintenance is necessary. For best results, it should be kept sealed and clean. 
  • When compared with asphalt, concrete driveways stay cooler due to absorbing fewer UV rays. That also makes it safer for pet and foot traffic, and prevents your driveway from undergoing more significant contraction and expansion cycles.  


Many individuals consider concrete driveways to be practically maintenance-free. However, to ensure a long life, keeping the driveway sealed and clean is worthwhile. A thorough scrubbing with a stiff brush and hose will normally take care of the cleaning, and a concrete sealer adds a protective layer. A sealer should be applied once a year at a minimum. If you live in an area where it snows, the best time for sealing your driveway is during the all to make sure the slab will be able to stand up to harsh winter weather and road salts. 

Concrete driveways are quite strong. When a driveway is installed with the right reinforcement and base, they will be able to stand up to even the heaviest of vehicles that you may drive. There are many good reasons why you should choose Simi Valley Concrete Services for your concrete project. During your free consultation, you can get more information about that. 

Simi Valley Concrete Services has a diverse background, skilled and experienced engineer, and willing to go the extra mile for its customers and is the first option for concrete projects and services in Simi Valley.