Concrete Foundation Laying Contractor in Simi Valley CA

Laying A Concrete Foundation

Simi Valley Concrete Services takes great pride in providing outstanding work as professional foundation contractors. We handle a wide range of projects of various sizes in Simi Valley, CA, and you can rely on us to provide you with a durable foundation that can support the structure of your property for many decades into the future.

Concrete Foundation

The main element of all structures is the foundation. It connects any building’s entire structure with the ground. The foundation plays a critical role in the stability of the structure. It distributes the structure’s load over a wide area in order to avoid overloading from occurring. Concrete foundations provide structure foundations with great strength. That goes a very long way in building a stable building since concrete is a highly durable building material. Concrete foundations are able to last for many decades.¬†

Concrete Foundation Types

  • T-Shaped
    This classical foundation method normally is used in areas where soil tends to freeze. Walls are added on the top of a footing that is built under the maximum ground depth where the soil doesn’t freeze during the winter. T-shaped footings are built wider than the walls in order to provide the base with support. The footing is initially placed in order to build a T-shaped foundation. The walls are then built and poured. The final step is placing the slab.
  • Slab On Grade Foundation¬†
  • With Slab on Grade foundations, a concrete foundation slab gets poured on the ground rather than being supported by a footing. The slab edges are thicker than the other parts of the slab. Strong support is provided for the whole building. However, this kind of foundation is not the best type for every region and soil, since the concrete is in contact directly with the ground. It is usually best-suited for warm climate areas, where the ground doesn’t freeze during the winter. In addition, it is vulnerable to flooding.
  • Raft Foundation
    This kind of foundation involves the structure resting on a concrete slab. With slab-on-grade foundations, the base slab just supports the lower part of the structure’s weight. However, raft foundations are both designed and constructed to support the entire building’s weight. The load of the upper floors is transferred by the columns, while the structure’s lower part is supported by the slab. It also can be enforced by using ribs or beams that are directly built into the foundation. Whenever an area’s soil bearing capacity is of very poor quality, a Raft foundation will be used.

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