Concrete Pool Deck Contractor in Simi Valley CA

A florid concrete pool deck is nowadays a popular trend in outdoor design. It creates an appealing, multipurpose space surrounding the pool for entertainment, sunbathing, or hanging out. A pool deck may typically function and look like a patio. However, it has precise specifications for sun reflectivity, orientation, and slip resistance.

The creation of swimming pool decks that embellish the home’s exterior that’s combined with the outdoor atmosphere has been brought about by decorative concrete. It has also led to the replication of traditionally costly materials like stone, slate, or even wood. 


There are various ways for you to repair your pool deck so long as the concrete is still structurally stable. Options for repair depend on your budget and the concrete’s state. They range from a mere color enhancement that’s done by the application of a coat of stain to complete resurfacing using a florid overlay. 

All unstable concrete should be removed for you to get quality outcomes. Before the conclusion of the repairs, noticeable cracks should be filled. Diversion of water and surface re-leveling will be required if your pool deck is settling or isn’t correctly sloped.

  • Concrete Pool Deck resurfacing – Microtopping or resurfacing using a concrete overlay is the best solution if you notice any scaling, cracking, or spalling on your pool deck. Not only will resurfacing do away with existing imperfections, but also provide an allowance for you to add texture, color, and pattern thereby enhancing your pool’s look. Some systems are produced particularly to resurface pool decks. The slip resistance of the pool’s surface, as well as heat reflection, can be improved by such systems.

  • Recoloring – Even though many concrete stains, integral pigments, color hardeners, and other coloring techniques are wear-resistant and durable, years of neglect can still have an impact. There are several causes that can lead to the discoloration of concrete pool decks including sun exposure, weathering, aggression by pool chemicals, and incorrect color application. 

Luckily, through the application of a fresh coat of water-based or acid stain, concrete color can be restored. Your recently colored pool deck can preserve its appearance for lots of years by applying a UV-resistant staining product. You also require a good sealer to protect your concrete for many years.

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