Concrete Repair Contractor in Simi Valley CA

We take concrete for granted since it is everywhere today. There are lots of concrete structures everywhere we turn. Just like humans, the maintenance of concrete is key. The strains and stresses of everyday life take a toll on concrete. For concrete’s technically correct protection and repair, we offer all required products. 

Corrosion, seismic activity, water infiltration, structural damage, and lots of other reasons may lead to the deterioration of concrete. Simi Valley Concrete Services has come up with a completely comprehensive solution for the rehabilitation and restoration of concrete structures through decades of practical experience and years of research. 

Fundamental Reasons For Concrete Failure And How To Solve It

  • The deterioration of concrete is mainly caused by: 
  • Chemical degradation such as alkali-aggregate reactions, chemical exposure, bacterial action 
  • Reinforcement steel being corroded for instance chlorides, carbonation, stray electrical current
  • Mechanical attack for example overloading, impact, movement, explosion, earthquake 
  • Physical damage like thermal movements, wear, shrinkage, freeze/thaw action, abrasion 
  • Underlying factors, e.g. design flaws, shoddy construction works, inadequate maintenance 

Why Should Concrete Be Repaired:

  • For the replacement of defective concrete
  • For the restoration of the structure’s integrity
  • For the restoration of its geometric appearance
  • For the restoration of its aesthetic appearance
  • To restore durability 

With a vast background, capable engineers, and an eagerness to do whatever it takes, Simi Valley Concrete Services is Simi Valley’s best choice for concrete service.