Concrete Sidewalks Contractors in Simi Valley CA

Simi Valley Concrete Services is a leading service provider of services like concrete sidewalks for your home in Simi Valley. There are many reasons why we have earned the outstanding reputation that we have, which includes offering weekend hours and 24/7 emergency services. 

We are not just your regular concrete contractor. Our concrete company truly cares and we understand that our service needs to fit into your schedule. Don’t settle for any old concrete sidewalk when we can provide you with the absolute best. 

Sidewalks for Your Home In Simi Valley

  • Concrete sidewalks are very popular for homes in Simi Valley. There are many reasons for this. 
  • Concrete is affordable. When it comes to walkways, using concrete is the most cost-effective. 
  • It is an easy material to use in any design or shape and is able to cover large surface areas. Since concrete is poured, pathways can be easily made either curved or straight. 
  • In terms of durability, nothing else in this price range is able to last as long as concrete. It can handle regular wear and tear and delivers optimal longevity and performance. 
  • Little maintenance is required. Cleaning and repairing minor cracks occasionally should keep your concrete in good shape for many years. 

The look of concrete can be changed with design and color. Colored and stamped concrete totally change a concrete surface’s overall visual appearance. 

Concrete Cracking - Common Causes

There is not a single reason why concrete cracks. Instead, there are many potential causes of concrete cracking. 


Lack of Crushed Stone Based 

A concrete slab that is lacking in a crushed stone base will be more susceptible to environmental forces such as water washing the subgrade away or soil movement.


Control Joints Are Missing 

Control joints refer to lines that are either tooled or cut into a slab at the time the concrete is placed. The joints do not prevent a slab from cracking but help in planning where concrete will tend to crack. 


Lacking Construction Joints 

Construction joints connect two slabs together. If there are no construction joints, two slabs can slip and end up pushing against each other. That can cause tripping hazards and cracks. 


Incorrect Concrete Mix Design 

The temperature, air, and water content all need to be right for concrete mix designs. The good news is that today’s concrete mix designs that are offered by reputable companies do not usually lead to cracks.

Simi Valley Concrete Services has experienced engineers, a diverse background, and is willing to go the extra mile for its customers, making it your best option for concrete services in the Simi Valley area.