Concrete Slab Contractor in Simi Valley CA

Great pride is taken in what we do. Our Simi Valley area customers can testify about the results of the work we do at Simi Valley Concrete Services. Various crucial services are offered including patios, driveways, slab work, and sidewalks. We hope to partner with you so that we can offer you quality concrete flatwork services. We will provide you with the services you need at an affordable price. 

  • Garage Slabs
    The usual garage slab has a thickness of 4 inches. The turndown edges of this slab are normally 12 inches thick. The thickness, as well as other materials that need to be used for the integrity of the concrete structure to be in check, will be determined by the size of vehicles that will be parked in the garage.

  • Hard Trowel Finish
    The hand trowel finish is one of the alternatives you can opt for in Simi Valley for concrete slabs. The surface is densified using a steel trowel. This results in a hard, smooth surface finish after the completion of this process.

  • Broom Finish
    The term broom finish implies that a broom or similar tool is dragged across your Simi Valley home’s concrete slab. A uniform look is produced by this process. Apart from visual aesthetics, great traction and drainage are created by this textured finish.

  • Decorative Finish
    There’s durability and attractiveness when it comes to decorative concrete flooring. Still, little maintenance is required for this economical flooring.

Workmanship Warranty

The completion of work will be done in a substantial workmanlike way at Simi Valley Concrete Services. Standard practices will be followed while working. For the best quality project, we work hand in hand with our material suppliers and concrete producer. 

Nonetheless, our entire concrete work is done by humans. So, even with the highest form of supervision, small imperfections may occur.

There are many factors that we have no control over that may damage concrete. De-icers, wear and tear,  equipment, vehicles, chemicals, and other things can lead to concrete damage. 

Yes, cracking concrete will probably happen. That is concrete’s nature. This warranty is defined by the extent of cracked concrete. The concrete construction industry considers cracks that are less than half an inch in gap or height to be normal.

Settling and Shifting
Settling and shifting are going to happen when it comes to concrete. The settlement of concrete slabs will happen regardless of how well the soil is compacted. No warranty is offered for shifting and settling since we have no control over soils.

Flaking and Popping
The exposure of a stone or stones may occur due to weathering. Luckily, the slab’s integrity isn’t compromised when this happens. The concrete construction industry considers all flaking and popping covering less than 20% of the slab’s surface as normal.

Yes, there’s a difference in every concrete mix design. We can’t completely match any existing concrete mix design’s color. There is no warranty that we provide to assure you that the existing product will be matched by any of our work.

Given our competent engineers, the ability to push ourselves for the best results, and a diverse background, Simi Valley Concrete Services is the go-to company for all concrete services in Simi Valley.