Concrete Wall Contractor in Simi Valley CA

How to select the best concrete wall for your needs. Poured Concrete foundations by Simi Valley Concrete Services.


When choosing foundation walls, it is critical to have something you can rely on, something that will not rot away or cause your house to end up looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Poured concrete walls offer the greatest dependability. Poured concrete walls offer superior stability and strength. Concrete’s increased density and strength make poured walls watertight, which significantly reduces water problems in a basement. Concrete walls are also practically maintenance-free. 


Concrete walls work ideally for both agricultural and residential purposes. Their dependability and versatility whelps to ensure that your property is set on a firm basis. 

One of the main things that make Simi Valley Concrete Services stand out from the crowd is our close attention to the smallest of details. We are able to layout walls accurately using our Total Station robotic system. 

This choice saves energy. A major advantage of poured concrete walls is that they save energy. Pour concrete walls have a higher density compared to cement block walls, which allows the walls to store and absorb heat more efficiently. 

Also, when concrete walls are used in combination with an insulation system, it can result in significant savings on cooling and heating expenses. 

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls – Banks of soil that are unprotected can be dangerous to the areas underneath them. Heavy rains may cause mudslides, which can wipe away all of your efforts. Simi Valley Concrete Services offers lateral support to soil with vertical slopes. When these types of walls are constructed by knowledgeable professionals such as Simi Valley Concrete Services, they provide a solid and long-lasting protective barrier. The environmentally-friendly walls give your property a modern, and clean look as well. Use sturdy retaining walls to protect your property and assets and give you peace of mind.


Concrete Pumping – Do you have a difficult project that needs to be completed? Is there limited access to certain areas of the construction site? 


Find out for yourself! 

Every job is different and we offer completely personalized estimates on all projects. Simi Valley Concrete Services offers only the highest quality, professional work. The services that we provide include poured concrete walls, concrete pumping services, and concrete retaining walls. Whether on a residential or industrial project, our aim is to ensure that our customers all get the best possible service. 

Simi Valley Concrete Services has experienced engineers, a diverse background, and is willing to go the extra mile for its customers, making it your best option for concrete services in the Simi Valley area.