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Simi Valley Concrete Services has made a name for themselves in Simi Valley as the trusted name in concrete contracting services, professionals work and affordable rates. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best services in all things related to concrete and our team of professionals is ready to begin. 

Count on us to pay close attention to every detail of the projects from its initial plans and conception to adding the final touches that ensure a good result. We want you to call our team if you are looking for:

Give us a chance to show you what professional services can do to enhance the beauty or functionality of your property or even pour the foundations for an upcoming building project. We are on call Monday- Saturday with a passion to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded. Count on us to handle all types of concrete related projects from the very small to the very large and complex. 

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A beautiful fence does not have to cost you a fortune, because, with the right fencing company, that’s us, you receive high-end materials for low-end prices. With our technicians, you choose what you want to have installed. Whatever your vision is for your fence we can make it happen. Contact us for commercial and residential fences.
Concrete Installation


Concrete elements form an essential part of all types of commercial and residential locations. If you have any needs in your concrete architectural features, call Simi Valley Concrete Services.

concrete patio


If you want a patio installed in your Scottsdale home, then you should use a professional. A concrete contractor can build the patio of your dreams. However, you don't want to choose just any old company.


Our aim is to ensure our clients can enjoy the area surrounding the place we create our concrete stamps projects. An impact is left on all individuals who have a look at these works.


The creation of swimming pool decks that embellish the home's exterior that's combined with the outdoor atmosphere has been brought about by decorative concrete. It has also led to the replication of traditionally costly materials like stone, slate, or even wood.


Concrete components exist in all properties and buildings and it is important that these are installed and maintained professionally to ensure their longevity. The professional concrete technicians in Simi Valley Concrete Services understand that the quality of your concrete elements will affect your bottom line in the long run.This is why we got to great lengths to ensure that your project is carried out with exceptional care and attention to detail. In our line of work, the best marketing service is a history of impeccable work and this is what we have earned here in Simi Valley. Call us to discuss the details of your next concrete project. 


Concrete is a sturdy construction materials and popular choice in all types of construction projects and buildings. If you have a concrete construction you are planning, call us for a free estimate for our services. 


Concrete is designed to withstand all types of damage and can resist all but h most experienced efforts to bore through the tough Simi Valley Concrete Services we have this skill and experience and can help you in making a whole where you need it with skill and precision. 


Concrete curbing is a functional element that can improve and add value to a property. Curbing is an important way to add an attractive and functional construction element and must be done right to achieve its intended purpose. At Simi Valley Concrete Services we have the professional experience and cutting-edge tools to do this job right.


We also combine the traditional art of masonry with our modern construction services to produce some beautiful and highly functional pieces or architecture. Masonry work has been highly-esteemed for its capacity to add class and distinction to all kinds of properties. We have experience in creating fireplaces, driveways, walls, walkways and facades that not only look amazing but are built to last. In all of our construction tasks we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure that the process goes smoothly and according to plan. We also provide our valued clients with the best prices and completed projects that improve the beauty, functionality or resale value of your property. 


Concrete does not always have to be gray or plain, it can be colored. When colored your concrete structures can be formed into all kinds of shapes and textures that can be suitably applied to different locations. 


It is no question that the foundation is the single most important structural element of any building. These sturdy platforms are designed to bear the weight of the structure, but over time they can be subject to damage and should be inspected. If signs of damage are found early, appropriate measures can be taken to strengthen the foundation and repair the fissures. 





Let us handle all of your concrete projects. Some of the services that we provide include:

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Professional and High Quality Concrete Work


We have fine-tuned our processes to a fine science and there is no detail that is not given our full attention. Our meticulous process begins with the planning and organizational phase. We will ta kth time to hear our clients expectations and plans and then come up with a project proposal that details every step of the process. Once everything has been agreed upon the plan will be communicated to the parties involved and everything will be underway. Count on Simi Valley Concrete Services for the same caution and attention to detail in the largest and smallest jobs.

Top Quality Service

Simi Valley Concrete Services is the best in the business and our years of service and extensive list of satisfied customers attest to this

Making Dreams a Reality

We are passionate about our work and have a strong desire to help you make your plans a reality. We will apply our skill, experience and cutting-edge equipment to ensuring your home or commercial property receives the best concrete services

Beautiful Finish

Our years of experience have given us special skills and experience after applying our work in such a vast variety of situations. To deliver such consistent quality we rely on a talented team of concrete experts. You can count on the most sublime and subtle perfection in all of our top-quality concrete work.


At Simi Valley Concrete Services, our skilled team of concrete professionals have many years in the business and know how to handle their work with proper process and necessary precautions. When you want the best results and the smoothest process, you want the professional services of Simi Valley Concrete Services. 


Concrete is a marvel of human ingenuity and has been perfected much over history. Its compressive qualities allow it to be poured into a variety of shapes and forms and this makes it useful in construction of all types of projects. Concrete gets compressive strength from its content of limestone. This mineral is abundant in nature and is heavily used in the construction industry. 


Concrete is characterized by a plain and somewhat drab appearance, but this is only one aspect. In all truth, this versatile material can be molded, formed, impressed, overlaid and colored into a wide variety of appearances. It can even imitate such costly materials as slate, wood or tile. 


Concrete makes a great interior flooring material, but far too few home and property owners are aware of this. This is probably because concrete flooring is associated with correctional institutions, warehouses and garages. But, it has many benefits for a home as well. 


Commercial locations have been using concrete flooring for a long time now, but it has only been recently that savvy homeowners have been taking advantage of this impressive flooring solution. The practice has snowballed since people have learned more about the many advantages of concrete flooring. 

If you are wondering if concrete flooring is the best option for your home, here are some pointers to consider.


Low Cost – unlike tiles, marble or wood floors, concrete is a very cost effective floor material. It will retain its beauty with very little maintenance and can also be treated to imitate other flooring options. 


Low Maintenance – maintenance will add a considerable price in taking care of carpets, marble or hardwood floors, but concrete will survive and retain its original luster with minimal attention. A concrete floor that receives a lot of traffic will probably need a resealing every two years or so. 


Good Temperature Year Round – many people assume that a concrete floor will chill the air and lower temperatures as they did in the gulags of Siberia. But, in all truth there is no difference between a concert floor and a stylish tile floor. In the summer, tile, marble and concrete floors all keep the interior slightly cool, and this can be a benefit to energy costs.


Durable – concrete is a durable flooring option and that is great for homes with children or those furry claw-wielding beasts that can wreck a fine carpet or shred a wood floor, animal companions. If you choose a concrete floor, there is not a child or pet in the world that could damage it. 


They’re Not Slippery – contrary to what you might think, concrete is not a slippery surface. While it can be slick and polished to a fine surface, a master concrete contractor will also apply a non-slip additive that increases the abrasiveness of the surface. 


Working with concrete involves lifting and hauling heavy objects and the risk of injury and damage is high. For this reason you only want to have the most professional concrete contractors handling this task. 


At Simi Valley Concrete Services, our skilled team of concrete professionals have many years in the business and know how to handle their work with proper process and necessary precautions. When you want the best results and the smoothest process, you want the professional services of Simi Valley Concrete Services. 


The Simi Valley Concrete Services Promise

As a leading supplier of first-rate concrete services, Simi Valley Concrete Services offers a wide range of concrete related services to suit all property needs. We are licensed and insured with over $2Million in liability coverage. Call us up to learn more about are unparalleled services.

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